Friday, June 18, 2010

World cup Mania!... more photos

This it the view from the hotel pool. Across the street from Bubble Bar hotel is more development. The skiline is layered with cranes that light up at night. A Ritz Carlton is being built acroos the street. On the other side is the UAE Military Goverment Headquarters.

Ok. this is extremely hard to make out sine I took this picture with my phone. Walking around the Souk, Mall posing as an arabic market, a restarant was advertising a new exotic twist on an indian meat dish.

I am not opposed to vension. But do you really need to show me a picture a Bambi before I eat it?

This is my work computer! Arabic and English! I don't know why its exciting but it is. 

I love the world cup soccer so I can appreciate and the hype. Some friends and I went to the Shangri-la hotel where they had set up a tent outside to watch the game. "Tent” isn’t probably the best word. Maybe a large trippy canopy with black lighting is a better way to describe it. The walls were lined with flat screen televisions. There were specials on Budweiser’s to appease all five Americans in the area. The hotel offered themed snacks for each team that played. (For the US it was hot wings and hot dogs.) Sheesha smoke filled the air. If you can imagine a hybrid sports bar and a Moroccan night club, that’s what this place felt like.

We watched the England vs. USA game. 40 minutes before the game the tent filled with loud unlike sportsmen-like Brits. They booed the 5 of us Americans as we stood up during the national anthem. The 1 to 1 tied was a sweet enough victory.

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