Sunday, June 6, 2010

Plans, Schedules, Analysis, and Procedures… but above all “Inshallah”

I’ve been trying to spend a lot of my initial time here New Venture (NV) observing what is going on around me. In many instances, we see to be preparing for the unknown. Within the last week I've seen more presentations with Strategies and Schedules than my last position. Many of the roll-out schedules don't include dates. This is due to the fact that our official launch date is contingent upon finalizing an agreement between the my American company and the company in the Emirati company. All the different teams assigned a task continue to prepare, analyze, and re-assess their strategies awaiting the launch. Each group continues to create a plan awaiting the green light.

Due to the fact we have yet to launch, our company does not yet have a name. For the purposes of explanation, I will call the pre-launch organization NV. NV is broken down into groups which manage each division of the business, including finance, legal, operations, material logistics, facilities, procurement, business development, human resources, communications, and so on. Each group has a leader, and they are in charge of developing the strategy and plan within each phase of the new organization's start-up. The Team leads meet every morning to provide status updates and stay up-to-date on the most recent changes.

Procedures and Work flows are created in order to streamline nonexistent processes. Analysis is done on all the raw data available. Although everyone know any work completed might need to be changed at a moments notice, the prep work is continued in order to hit the ground running once the sign from above given. The term used to describe this is "In šāʾ Allāh". In Arabic, it means "if it is God's will". This term is usually only used between Western colleagues as it might be offensive to the locals.

"As of today, the communication plan will begin its roll out to the customers 15 days prior to launch. Inshallah."

إن شاء الله

Good link to better understand the phrase.


  1. In Spanish we have a similar phrase, "Dios mediante" -God willing or "Si Dios Quiere" If God wishes it to be.

  2. I think Ojalá is closer to Inshalla!!!!!!! the same meaning so many words in spanish have their root from arab it is amazing