Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I can hardly contain myself. After only 3 weeks of searching I have found my oasis in the desert, my version of disneyworld, my home away from home....
And it is called Beligan Beer Bar.

(Pause for Reaction)

For those of you who know me well, one of my major trepedations about moving to the UAE is lack of access to decent beer. Before I boarded my plane, my family took me to to a local brewery so I could have one last sip of a toasty lagger and chocolate stout before my departure. Now an overpriced glass of Chimay Blue is only a cab ride away.

Oh... and it gets better.....

They have Pork. One of the entrees on the menu was call the "pork festival", which included everything from ribs to to pork chops.

There are no black lights at this bar. No white couchs, blaring techno, or flashy patrons sipping blue cocktails checking out "the scene". Just wooden boothes, jeans, french fries, and Kenny Loggins in the background.

I could complain that the bar was smokey or they over did it on the "beligan" theme. I could comment I've had better ribs or larger beer selection. But I would be lieing to say that a little taste of home didn't make up for all of it.

You don't have to be living in the Middle East 7000 miles from what you know to appreciate the things that  make you feel at home. From experience, I know this is the first stage of adjusting to a new culture. I know eventually after some time the UAE will start to feel more like home for me.

But for a night, I got to go back. Now if I can just find  a place the employees people with southerm accents hug you when you walk in the door, I'll be all set.

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